Plants with love

About us

LeafnJoy started as a ”small” hobby when I accidentally grew over 500 Dragon fruit cacti. Yes, I counted… 500 little babies with the potential to grow over 2m each. But how do you grow accidentally so many? I just sprinkled some seeds and did not expect that they ALL will pop up. Yup, turns out I had a bigger green thumb than I had expected. Hooray!

Seeds of a Dragon Fruit

But you know, the cacti needed friends, I mean.. cacti are cool and all but having only cacti at home seemed a bit creepy. So in the course of a month or two, from a collection of only 2 pothos planties and 500 tiny spiky green blubs, our plant family expanded to include ALL the plants I could get my hands on I might need an intervention.. shh. And it continues to grow with each day!

Very fortunately for me, my boyfriend also seemed to have a passion for collecting plants. When he was just a little boy, he was absolutely fascinated by cacti and had a huge collection of over 50 different types. The cacti even had names! So when he realised that I am totally into collecting plants, he jumped right in.

If it is not clear yet, we absolutely adore plants. Plants are happiness.

Oh, the excitement when that little cutting FINALLEH starts rooting. And the feeling when a new leaf unfurls!

Plant cutting and leaf unfolding

And the pride you feel when a teeny tiny leaf thrives and turns into a huge plant in front of your eyes.

And then you know: you did this, you created this, your plantie is alive thanks to you.

And that is how me and my boyfriend started LEAFnJOY. Because why not help others experience the same joy? So all the plants that you are seeing here have been grown, propagated, cared and loved by us. They are plants that have not been forgotten even for a day.

We have a lovely DIY plants nursery and we try to source, propagate and thus, provide you the opportunity to get the most beautiful and rare plants and expand your own plant family! And not only, we have a lot of useful information about how to take care of your new green darlings – first hand-experience material. We hope you will enjoy your visit here and we are very excited to meet you! :)