Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we ship our planties only within the EU. We are looking into expanding our shipping options to the USA very soon too. Stay tuned!

Oh, we will be really happy if we can provide your desired darling. As not all of our plants are listed while we a propagating them, you can just message us. We cannot make any promises but we will certainly do our very best. Please, just throw us a message at: hello@leafnjoy.com with “wishlist” as a subject of the email and we will get back to you asap!

The majority of our plants have been grown and propagated by us, hence, we can only offer a limited number of planties at a certain time. Thanks for your understanding!

The first thing to check is how are the roots of your plant. Are they dry? If they are, leave them in a nice water-bath (filled with rainwater, of course!) for the next 24 hours to absorb all the moisture that they can. Give them a warm and a bright location (but no direct sunlight). After at least 24 hours after arrival when the plantie has had some time to recover, you can proceed with either propagating it (if it was a cutting that you bought) or potting it (if it was an established plant with roots that you both). If you have received a plant that is already potted, please, let the plant rest a bit for about 2 weeks or so, and then repot it if desired.

We have amazing sources of information on our website. Please, check them out and get yourself familirised properly with your plantie and the care that it needs!

Sure thing. Send us a photo of your plantie at: hello@leafnjoy.com with the subject “plant identification” and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Aww, what a bummer! We are very sorry to hear that the plantie you wanted is sold out. Make sure to subscribe to our newsleeter and push notification to receive plant updates immediately when we have new planties in stock. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of subscriptions (we get it!), just bookmark us and check the website regularly. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve plants for individual customers as we want to give a fair chance to all plant lovers to grab their dream plantie!

You are not happy with your order or your plants arrived damaged? No biggie. Throw us an email at: hello@leafnjoy.com or use our contact form and we will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

International orders consisting of plant are usually dispatched each Monday. Domestic orders (to Germany) are dispatched between Monday-Wednesday each week. However, please note that sometimes there might be a delay in the dispatch of your plantie(s). The usual dispatch time is 1-2 weeks, although we are able to ship most much faster. In extreme weather conditions, however, the dispatch of your plants might be delayed for the sake of your planties. We just want them to arrive safe and sound. Thanks for your understanding!

Orders that do not include plants are dispatched on a daily basis. This applies to both international and domestic orders.

If you have any questions that our website was not able to answer, just throw us an email at: hello@leafnjoy.com or use our contact form under the button below. We will do our best to get back to you asap!