Syngonium Podophyllum Albo Variegata

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This stunning variegated Arrowhead plant is a beautiful addition to any plant-loving family. The foliage is colored in different shades of green, white and mint. This variegated aroid is beginner-friendly, grows fast and looks beautiful.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images are to be used as an example only. The plant(s) or cutting(s) that you will receive will look different than the photos shown.


Syngonium Variegata in short, aka the Syngonium Podophyllum Albo Variegata, also called a variegated Arrowhead plant is an absolute jewel for every home. The foliage of the plant has a mix of green, minty and white colours. Syngoniums are fast growers and are extremely easy to care for. They are amazing plants no matter how experienced you are and look just stunning!


You are buying a healthy Syngonium Podophyllum Albo Variegata wet stick, cutting or a rooted plant. The photos are for illustrative purposes only and the actual plant / cutting will vary.

  • Wet sticks (cuttings without a leaf) and leaf cuttings have 1 (one) node. Since they will be freshly cut, they would still need to be rooted by you. We cannot guarantee that either will root and develop into a plant, as how you care for your plant is out of our control.
  • Leaf Cuttings (again 1 node) with less variegation are slightly variegated, those with more, have distinctive beautiful variegation pattern. Bear in mind, however, that we cannot guarantee in any way that the cutting will develop into a plant that carries the same genes.
  • The plant option means a rooted Syngonium plant with about 2-3 leaves. The plant has been grown in LECA.


The plant will be sent bare-root, securely wrapped in sphagnum moss. Nursery or decorative pot and soil are not included.

Be prepared for your darling’s arrival: check out our very detailed Syngonium Care Guide and make sure that you have the right potting mix for your new plant family member.

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Wet Stick, Leaf Cutting (Less Variegated), Leaf Cutting (More Variegated), Plant (2-3 Leaves)

Syngonium Care


A Syngonium prefers a spot that receives bright to medium indirect light, although this plant can also tolerate a low-light location.


Arrowhead plants like to be kept moist but not water-clogged. Water about 1 time per week during the growing season and reduce the watering frequency in winter.

Soil (Growing Medium)

Syngoniums prefer a well-draining but moisture-retaining potting mix. This plant will grow well in our aroid soil mix.

Alternatively, you can grow this Syngonium in semi-hydroponics and this plant will respond well to LECA.

Temperature & Humidity

Normal room temperatures are fine for a Syngonium. Protect your plant from exposure to cold winds and drafts.

Humidity of 40-75% is ideal for this Syngonium.


Feed your Syngonium regularly during the growing season (slow-release or liquid fertilizers are both fine). Stop feeding it when the plant becomes semi-dormant in the colder months and stops growing.


Syngoniums are toxic to animals and humans if ingested.

For more Syngonium plant care tips, tricks and best growing practices, make sure to check out our super detailed Syngonium Care Guide.

Delivery Times


Unless otherwise stated, all plants and cuttings are shipped without soil or a pot. We use sphagnum moss when packing most of the planties and cuttings that we offer.


We usually process and ship orders every Monday. This means that if you place your order with us on a Wednesday, it will not be processed until the following Monday.

Please allow 2-7 business days for your order to be prepared for dispatch. However, in extreme weather conditions and if your order contains planties or cuttings, the dispatch might be delayed. We do NOT ship plants if the temperature is below 0 degrees Celcius (10ºC) or above 30 degrees Celcius (30ºC ). This is to ensure that your darlings arrive safe and sound.

After your order has been shipped, it usually takes between 1-3 business days for your package to arrive within Germany. For all other EU countries, the delivery times can range between 5-15 business days. However, exact delivery times cannot be guaranteed.


Unless otherwise stated, the plant or plants on this product page are to be used as a reference only. The image of the plant(s) that you are seeing is an example of how a plant might look like with appropriate care. The plant(s) or cutting(s) that you will receive will vary from the photo(s) provided and will look different. The delivered plant(s) or cutting(s) might differ in size, color, number of leaves, branches, stems and might have physical marks and cosmetic imperfections, which are normal for plants. Plants are a product of nature, i.e. alive beings and they might change in terms of color and size during different growing periods or seasons, we bear no responsibility for this. Natural plant differences occuring due to the reasons stated previously, are not to be considered faults or defects.

Plants (and cuttings thereof) are fragile and some damage (or stress) might occur during their transit to you, despite our best desire and efforts to package them safely and securely. We bear no responsibility if plants suffer during transit and if they incur cosmetic damages.


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