Ivy (Hedera Helix) can be successfully grown indoors and is a unique plant to have arround.

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Traditionally grown outdoors, Ivy can bring a touch of a pure, raw vibe of nature to a home. They are not gentle plants like the common pothos, for instance, not at all. Being natural climbers and creepers, Ivy’s woody stems and rough-to-the-touch leaves are made to withstand obstacles on their growth path. A lot of ivy varieties have pointy-shaped leaves, grow rapidly, and are attention grabbers, regardless if grown outdoors or indoors. Ivy look stunning when grown as hanging plants in a basket. Alternatively, these climbers can be grown on a moss pole or can be incorporated into a plant wall design. Opting to have an ivy as a houseplant is a great choice for anyone looking into inviting a touch of wilderness into their home.

Ivy can be an excellent choice for a laundry room as these plants can survive pretty much anywhere. Their dark shaded green leaves bring a touch of peace and calmness but at the same time, the forest green variations carry a notch of seriousness and structure with them – which align with a busy laundry room well. Ivy plants are rarely just a simple shade of green, however. Most of the specimens have striking white venation or other types of variegation. These colorful plays on the leaves, on the other hand, can brighten up even the darkest color and bring cheerful energy.  

Apart from the aesthetics, Ivy also has other benefits. They’ve been known to be able to absorb airborne toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and even mold and mildew.
Ivy are low-maintenance, beginner-friendly plants that are pretty resilient to diseases and pests. Usually grown outdoors, Ivy can become a trendy houseplant due to their easy care, fast growth and visual distinctiveness. Ivy are a great choice for those that are looking for a unique plant that makes a sharper statement of wilderness and character, and the calm pothos just isn’t suitable.

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